Description of the company

Sokli Oy is a project company wholly owned by Finnish Minerals Group, whose mission is to responsibly maximize the value of Finnish minerals. In December 2020, Finnish Minerals Group Oy acquired the rights related to the Sokli mining project located in Savukoski in Northern Finland.

The Sokli phosphate deposit was discovered in 1967 and has been studied ever since. The phosphorus contained in phosphate is an important raw material for fertilizer in agriculture, and it is also used as a raw material in the battery industry. In addition to phosphate, the Sokli deposit contains several raw materials needed for the green transition. Sokli’s new mining district is about 5,900 hectares after the ongoing mining district delivery is completed.

The preliminary survey of the Sokli mining project was completed at the end of 2022. The results of the survey show that in addition to phosphate and iron, Sokli could produce e.g. rare earth elements (REE), which are essential in the transition to renewable energy. Sokli could produce at least 10% of the amount of rare earth elements needed in Europe to manufacture permanent magnets each year. This amount would cover the permanent magnet need for 1,500 industrial wind turbines or 2 million electric cars. In addition, more than 20% of Europe’s annual phosphate need could be obtained from Sokl. Sokli’s phosphate could be used to make fertilizers that would ensure food production for more than 60 million people. However, only a small part of the mineral potential has been explored.

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) granted an environmental and water management permit to carry out mining and beneficiation operations in Sokl in 2018. In March 2022, the Supreme Administrative Court returned the permit for processing by the Regional Administration Agency. The situation has changed from the plans approved in 2018, and as a result of the preliminary survey, issues have been identified that still require further studies. Sokli Oy canceled the permit process pending at the Regional Administration Agency in February 2023. If further investigations confirm the conclusions of the preliminary investigation, and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and permitting processes could be started after them, the construction of the mine’s infrastructure could begin in the early 2030s.

Company in figures

  • Production: 0
  • Total mining: 0
  • Reported ore reserves: Probable 133,3 Mt (P2O5% 12,21 and FeO% 18,34%)
  • Reported mineral reserves: 0
  • Year of commencement: Mining has not started
  • Expected remaining life of the mine The exact life of the mine is not available.
  • Mining area: The ongoing mining district delivery concerns an area of 5,923.65 ha, which includes the already established mining district with an area of approximately 1,199.31 ha
  • Number of own employees (31.12.): 3 persons
  • The main localities of the employees: Espoo and Savukoski
  • Number of employees of permanent contractors (31.12.): 0
  • Operating profit EBITDA:
  • Paid capital gains tax: 0

Information about prospecting

Sokli Oy does not conduct ore exploration outside the area of the mining district.

  • Number and area of reservation areas: 0
  • Number and area of exploration permit areas: 0
  • Number and area of exploration permit applications: 0
  • Exploration permits under appeal: 0
  • Exploration drilling: 0


The company's environmental practices:
Yes No
Location in a nature reserve* 
Environmental management system **
Environmental impact assessment required (in accordance with the EIA Act)
Measurements for dust
Measurements for noise
Measurements for vibration
Environmental risk assessment performed
Deviations from the environmental permit ***
Mine Closure Plan
Plan for controlled mine closure in unexpected situations

  • Environmental permit granted: no
  • Financial guarantee in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act: 0
  • Financial guarantee in accordance with the Mining Act in the mining permit area: EUR 80,000 for the valid mining permit
  • Financial guarantee in accordance with the Mining Act in mineral exploration permit areas: 0

Key Figures

  • Amount of mining waste: 0
  • Utilization of extractive waste: 0
  • Fuel consumption: 0
  • Other energy consumption (electricity and heating): Light fuel oil 11 m3 for electricity production.
  • Energy consumption target: Energy used in 2022 for the production of electricity with an aggregate. No target has been set.
  • CO2-emissions: 27 t CO2-eq
  • Water consumption: 0
  • Discharge offsite: 0
  • Number of dams in the mining area: 1 (old test concentrator dam)
  • Number of endangered species present in the area of operation: A total of 24 endangered species in the operating area: 7 insects and arachnids, 12 birds, 3 tubular plants and 1 moss and 1 animal (source: Suomen Lajitietokeskus, and known information on sensitive species).
  • Use of environmentally hazardous chemicals: 0
  • Actions related to biodiversity:

    Compensation applications are being processed in connection with the “lettorikko” (Saxifraga hirculus) and the “laaksoarho” (Moehringia lateriflora). Several nature surveys have carried out by the company.

Personnel and security

The company's personnel practices:
Yes No
Personnel initiative system:
Development discussions for all staff:
Staff training plan:
Equality plan:
Representation of employees in the company's administration:
Occupational health and safety management system *:
Occupational safety card for everyone working in the area:
Own rescue team:
*ISO45001 compliant system, not certified.

Key Figures

  • Average training days: Not reported due to low number of employees
  • Sick leave days (excluding contractors): Not reported due to low number of employees
  • Accident frequency: 0
  • Current shift systems: -
  • Women’s share of the workforce (%): 0% Sokli Oy / 38% Finnish Minerals Group

Impact on the use and livelihoods of nearby areas

Impact on local livelihood:

When possible, local service providers are taken into account in procurement.

The effects on reindeer husbandry, waterbodies, fish stocks and nature tourism are taken into account in the planning of mining operations.

The mine would bring new jobs to Savukoski and northern Finland, and the operation would be reflected in the demand for services both locally and more widely. According to preliminary estimates, mining and beneficiation offers 300 direct jobs, and in addition to this, approx. 330 jobs would be created indirectly in the Eastern Lapland region and 1,500 people in the whole of Finland.

Impacts on nearby recreational use:

Hunting, fishing, berry picking and mushroom picking are practiced in Sokli and its surrounding area. So far, hunting and fishing or other nature-related activities have not been restricted by the company.

Metsähallitus is the largest land owner in the area, and Sokli Oy does not prevent the recreational use of the mining district area in the current development phase of the project. The proximity of existing trenches and buildings limits recreational use locally, as well as the explorations carried out in the area from time to time.

Impacts on landscape value:

Sokli Oy has renovated and demolished the buildings in the area and the area has been cleaned.

Interaction with stakeholders

Stakeholder cooperation

For Finnish Minerals Group and Sokli Oy, a functional dialogue with the residents of Savukoski, decision-makers and the local councils of the Sokli area of influence is very important. We actively participate in the wider mining industry discussion and communicate our work at local events and through our website. You can give feedback via the feedback form, which is saved in our electronic processing system.

Sokli Oy is a company from Savukoski. We regularly organize discussion events at our Savukoski office, where anyone interested can come and talk to us and hear about current issues related to Sokli.

Our electronic newsletter comes out about once a month, and through it everyone who is interested can get current information about Sokli. Sokl’s newsletter can be ordered at:

Research and cooperation projects:

Sokli Oy is doing extensive exploration and development work related to the project to explore the entire mineral potential.

Social Responsibility Report
Area of ​​operation:
Contact information:
Samuli Nikula

Sokli Oy / Finnish Minerals Group

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