Social Responsibility Report
Since 2014, the Mining Responsibility website has been compiling numerical data on the corporate social responsibility of companies in the mining industry. The 60 questions in the reports provide a comprehensive overview of Finnish mining industry companies. They contain information on aspects such as the scope of operations in terms of personnel and land use, corporate taxes paid, impacts on local land use, occupational safety, and collaboration with stakeholders. The data is published annually and can be found on the 'Companies' subpage.
Responsible Mining
The responsibility systems based on the TSM standard are responsible assessment tools developed for mines, mineral exploration companies, and companies in the project phase. These systems were developed through consensus with representatives from companies and stakeholders such as environmental organizations and reindeer herding cooperatives. The first results were published by mines in 2021. Results from mineral exploration companies will be available in 2023, and from mining projects in 2024. The results are reported annually and are verified every three years by an external entity approved by the stakeholder network.

What We Do and Why?

Companies committed to the Mining Responsibility System established in 2016 adhere to sustainability principles that benefit the environment, people, and the economy. Sustainable mining encompasses the entire lifecycle of a project, from mineral exploration to mine closure and post-closure monitoring.

The Mining Responsibility System provides concrete guidelines for mining companies to engage in sustainable practices. It also assesses and verifies member companies’ commitment to common rules.

Annual reporting also offers stakeholders the opportunity to track the progress of the industry’s sustainability efforts.


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