The mining industry in Finland wants to communicate transparently about its operations and its effects on the environment and society. Mining companies and mines have long reported their activities to supervisory authorities, financiers, the parent company and owners. However, since the information from different sources, such as GRI and group-level sustainability reports and the authorities’ Vahti database, does not always reach the target groups formed by residents and communities in the surrounding area, which are important for companies, the mining industry and its stakeholders decided to jointly develop a new kind of reporting. Established in May 2014, the Sustainable Mining Network provided a neutral forum for interaction between the mining industry and its stakeholders and built a strong base for the use of a common social responsibility reporting system for the industry in Finland.

The aim of the reports is to tell about the Finnish mining industry on a company-by-company basis. They include information on, among other things, the scope of the operation in terms of the number of people and land use, corporate taxes paid, fees, environmental emissions and the measurement of their effects, the effects of the operation on the use of nearby areas and other livelihoods, occupational safety, and interaction and cooperation with various stakeholders.

Up-to-date information on the operations of mining companies is published annually. The company-specific information for 2022 has been compiled into separate web pages, which you can browse through the Company-menu.

Towards Sustainable Mining – TSM Suomi