Guiding principles

On February 16, 2017, the board of the mining network confirmed the guiding principles of the mining responsibility system, which serve as a guideline when applying the system’s evaluation tools.

Assessment tools

The mining responsibility system includes eight assessment tools that have their own level classifications and assessment criteria. The level classification is divided into five categories, of which the lowest category C represents the legislation in force in Finland. Up-to-date assessment tools can be found in the links below:

Stakeholder cooperation

Biodiversity management

Tailings management

Water management

Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions

Occupational health and safety

Crisis management

Mine closure

Climate change*

*The Climate Change Protocol replaces Energy Use and GHG Emissions Management Protocol. Facilities will execute their first internal assessments on the TSM Climate Change Protocol in 2024 at latest.


The results of the self-assessments of the mining liability system are verified every three years. Only persons who have completed qualification training and are approved by the TSM-framework can act as verifiers. A list of authentication service providers is available from the Secretary for TSM Finland. Instructions for the authentication service can be found in the link below.

Mining companies order the verification of self-assessment results from service providers and ensure that sufficient time is reserved for the verification before the results are delivered.

Qualification and refresher training is organized for verifiers according to demand.

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