Signatories of the cooperation commitment:

  • Mining Association
  • Teollisuusliitto ry
  • Suomen Teollisuussijoitus Oy
  • Association of Municipalities of Finland
  • Union of Lapland
  • Central Confederation of Agricultural and Forestry Producers MTK
  • Metsähallitus
  • Metallinaltojat ry
  • Zither

Of these, Metsähallitus, MTK, Teollisuusliitto, Kunitaliitto and Mining Industry Association are represented on the board of the network. Mining companies (Agnico Eagle Finland Oy, AA Sakatti Mining Oy, Terrafame Oy and Yara Oy) act as representatives (or deputy representatives) of Kaivosteollisuus ry.

Statement of Intent

We commit to working together within the Network for Sustainable Mining.

The aims of the Network are to:

  • develop an open, balanced and continuous dialogue and co-operation between the mining industry and its stakeholders, and;
  • promote the development of more responsible, sustainable and predictable mining practices in Finland.

The Network serves as a forum for discussion and co-operation between the mining industry
and its stakeholders. It develops and customizes various tools for application in the Finnish
operating environment, in order to enable more responsible and sustainable mining practices.

The Network’s co-operation activities and operations in general will be based on the following
principles, to which we hereby commit:

  • compliance with the law
  • promoting mining practices that are responsible as well as ecologically, socially and economically sustainable throughout the life cycle of a mine
  • transparent information on mining activities
  • engagement in genuine dialogue with stakeholders, for example to settle any conflicts of interest in advance and take into account the operational needs of other economic activities
  • protection and conservation of biodiversity
  • management of environmental and social impacts
  • systematic and comprehensive risk management
  • ensuring the well-being of employees and promoting employment
  • protecting cultural heritage
  • respecting the special rights of the reindeer herders and the Sámi people.

The Statement of Intent has been signed by:

  • the Finnish Mining Association (FinnMin)
  • the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
  • the Regional Council of Lapland
  • the Finnish Metalworkers’ Union
  • Reindeer Herders’ Association
  • the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers
  • the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners
  • Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund)
  • the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (resigned from the Network in November 2021)
  • Finnish Industry Investment Ltd.
  • WWF Finland

Towards Sustainable Mining – TSM Suomi